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At LED World, we support brands with the creation of immersive and WOW experiences through digital display solutions. We strongly believe that brands can create a lasting impact with the right medium. We design best in class and futuristic digital display solutions such as LED video walls, LED displays, digital signage solutions & other software solutions. Our endeavour is to ensure that our solutions provide visually stunning imagery and equally impactful messaging that a brand would choose to represent themselves with. LED World is an Indian brand that has a versatile portfolio of tailor-made solutions for retail, smart cities, banks & financial institutions, airports, advertising and many more. We have a rich and diverse experience in delivering end to end solutions for some of the most esteemed brands from various verticals. Being an Indian brand, we understand the very core of the market dynamics and consumers. Superior quality, innovative products, excellent services and last mile support are our strengths.

LED Video Wall

Our large-format LED video wall solution adds the WOW factor & enlivens your surroundings. LED video walls are dynamic, bezel-free, vibrant displays. The TrueColor technology delivers the exact same colors as in the original content, resulting in best picture quality. The modular design of our LED walls themselves, along with our own unique designs, makes the walls a perfect fit for various applications. We offer display solutions for indoor as well as outdoor environment. LED World is a BIS certified LED video wall solution provider who offers chip level repairing capabilities. We help our clients to choose the right solution for their needs, based on parameters like viewing distance, display working conditions, content requirements, and their budgets, among other things.

Digital Signage


Digital signage solves many problems for businesses which static signage fail to do. Xtreme Media digital signage solution consists of software, hardware and content. It is a simple, secure and scalable solution. It enables you to create & manage a centrally controllable network of multiple digital signage located at any remote location. Our digital signage software empowers more than 25,000 screens worldwide and is a top preference of many reputed brands across industries like retail, banking, automobile, and entertainment. It is a cross-platform solution compatible with android, windows and SoC platforms. XM Play is the range of various media players suitable for various applications and budgets.

Software Solutions


LED World offers various other software solutions which are extendable to digital signage. These solutions increase the value of digital signage to certain businesses. Some of our flagship software include Interactive Wayfinding, Meeting Room Manager, Queue Management System, Flight Information Display System, Crowd Analytics, etc. These solutions are helping various industries solve functional problems along with simplifying their communication through a perfect combination with digital signage.

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